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Welcome to Trident Publishing Holdings!

Our ultimate objective is to be a thriving independent media creation outlet across the globe.
Primarily, we produce romance and mystery novels – of all kinds of genres and types.


Let’s talk about the goals that get us and keep us there!



GOAL ONE: Produce the best product possible.

Our readers could be doing anything with their time. There’s an entire internet out there where they can torrent any movie ever made, read any book that’s ever been written, watch an endless supply of porn or spend all day shitposting on social media—and out of all of that, they’re choosing to read our books.

We owe it to them to give them the best product possible in the time we’re given. While hitting our deadlines is important (see Goal Two), our readers deserve a positive experience while consuming our products—and giving them one directly affects our success in the future. 

GOAL TWO: Hit the deadline

The publishing world moves fast. What our readers want today isn’t guaranteed to be what they’re looking for next week. Our books are our product. 

GOAL THREE: Create bestsellers.

We’re a company with awesome fucking talent, great editors, an amazing marketing team and the budget to get our books out into the world. 


As such, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be aiming to produce the best novels on the market—and because of our resources, we can do this more quickly and more efficiently, to greater effect, than anyone else out there. Creating bestsellers means creating books that are so unputdownable that our readers come to us, first, and they’re ready to part with their book budgets. 


Let’s give them something wonderful to read.

Want to work at Trident Publishing Holdings?

We hire writers on a work-for-hire basis. That means you will not retain the rights to the written work you do for us. In exchange, we offer upfront pay. This is a freelancing position.


Fiction Ghostwriter

Are you looking for consistent income? Can you write romance and/or cozy mysteries?

If yes, then read on!

Job Overview:

Trident Publishing Holdings is looking for multiple writers to write fiction. Our subgenres include:

  • Science Fiction Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Cozy Mystery 
  • Thriller
  • Steamy Romance

We are looking for creative people that have experience meeting deadlines and are willing to write stories with provided outlines.

The ideal candidates are people looking to have an opportunity to actually realize writing as a career. Our firm makes writing a sustainable, viable options that’s fun. Our writers have steady work at the level they want. If they want full time work they have it, or if they want something more part time, we’re able to accommodate that as well.

This is a remote position, so all work will be done from home and all communication will be conducted online or over the phone.

Pay Rate:

We pay an entry level rate of $0.01 per word which then becomes $0.015 after a probationary period. Additionally, after a probationary period, we begin to share profits with writers as bonuses that can add up to $0.02 to $0.05 per word in the post-publishing stage.

We pay monthly and provide a 1099-MISC at the end of the year during tax time for US citizens.

Ideal Candidates Will Be:

  •  Able to write in native US English
  • Be able to write compelling and memorable romance fiction
  • Be able to work as a team
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Have either writing, traditional publishing, self-publishing, or ghostwriting experience in the past
  • Is able to follow directions
  • Is available throughout the day to respond to messages from team members
  • Are reliable, and able to communicate effectively


Fiction Ghostwriter

Are you looking for consistent income? Can you write romance and/or cozy mysteries?

If yes, then read on!